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Danny & Moin Review Feel Free Nutrition Porridge

14th December 2017

This food was so good, that two of us had to review it! Silven consultants Danny & Moin review Feel Free Nutrition Porridge.

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Paul Reviews Marmite

14th December 2017

Silven Recruitment's food and drink specialist Paul Cannon reviews Marmite. The only question is, is he a born lover or a hater?

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Should alcohol be limited or even banned on UK flights

18th August 2017

Briton’s have a notorious reputation for drunken behavior, so it’s not uncommon to see people fuelling their thirst for booze prior to jetting off abroad.   Punch ups at 35,000…

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Which cinemas let you sneak food in?

4th August 2017

We’ve all done it. Nipped to the shops before we go to the cinema to save £3 on a bag of M&Ms and recoiled in horror at the till receipt…

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Brits pay up to three times as much for motorway snacks

2nd August 2017

Motorway service stations are notoriously expensive and us Brits are paying up to three times the costs for convenience snacks on journeys. Undercover investigators from Admiral, undertook a secret shopper…

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Live opera meets diverse cuisine with TWID’s uniquely themed dining experience

31st July 2017

Many cultured beings about town will be accustomed to enjoying a leisurely set dinner at a sophisticated establishment before watching a stage show or an opera, but how many restaurants…

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