Have A Pizza This! 5 Reasons Why Pizza Is The Best Food In The World

Ryan Roberts

14th March 2017

OK, it’s a bold claim, but let’s face it, there’s not many people who can say they don’t like pizza.

Did you know? – Back in 10,200 BC (the Stone Age), people were eating flatbreads with various toppings on, similar to what we eat as pizza today.

Over ten millennia later and we still enjoy the taste of bread with different toppings. Worldwide these range from the very normal (Margherita I hear you say?) to the downright bizarre (haggis pizza in Scotland and squid in Japan).

5 reasons why pizza is the best food in the world

1.    Its versatile

If you’re like me and have a few beers on a Friday evening and end up ordering a pizza, you’ll know just how good it tastes the next morning cold.

Pizza can be eaten at any temperature and the debate rages on whether it is better hot or cold.

Similarly, pizza can be eaten at any time of the day (for a drunken breakfast), lunch, tea or supper. Although it’s not recommended for a lunch at work, your productivity really slips when in a food coma!

Wanting to know the answer to this, I did a bit of research and there is a scientific reason why pizza tastes good cold, unlike other foods.

According to Dr. Kantha Shelke, spokesperson for the Institute of Food Technologists, speaking in Forbes Magazine, certain foods become more pungent over time, increasing their aromatic properties, and therefore becoming more appealing to our taste buds (I knew it!).

2.    It’s social

It’s unlikely you’ve been to a wedding, christening or other function (especially in the UK) where a cold buffet has been served and not seen… good old pizza!

Pizza has become one of the most social foods there is, for different reasons.

It’s a first-date breaker

According to Lauren Passell writing for the Date Report, taking a date for a pizza can be a sure giveaway of things to come. She writes, “If they order pineapple they will be fun in bed. If they get a Margherita they are so classic they’re probably wearing white Converse. If they order more than 4 toppings their life is a mess and you should think twice before diving into a second date.”

I’m not sure how true this is, but hey it’s worth a try! I’ll certainly be judging topping choices a lot more closely when on a date now.

General hanging out

If you’re with a bunch of friends and can’t decide what to eat, you can guarantee pizza will probably be the decider.

Similar to the infamous last Rolo – who do you love enough to give it to… there’s always a fight over the last slice of pizza!

3.    It’s fun

Pizza is used for the most wonderful, wacky and weirdest forms of entertainment.

In the 2017 Guinness World Book of Records, pizza made no less than 784 entries. That’s right 784.

Everything from the longest pizza, made in Italy, measuring 6,082 ft (which took 2,000 kg of flour and 1,600 kg of tomatoes) to the guy who has the largest collection of pizza boxes in the world (595) makes pizza the source of fun and frolics for many.

Lastly, there’s the people who have pizza fetishes (no seriously, I just Googled this, so you don’t have to!) and there is also a pizza phobia, known as Turophobia (technically more a fear of cheese, but can send sufferers into a wild panic when they see it gooey on a pizza).

4.    It’s healthy

OK, so not as healthy as a nude salad and grilled chicken, but it’s not as unhealthy as some people would have you believe.

Also out of the vast variety of fast foods available, pizza is probably the healthiest and here’s why:

According to Jeff Hayward in his health blog, ActiveBeat, tomatoes contain an antioxidant compound named lycopene, which helps prevent illnesses, such as heart disease and helps protect from some forms of cancer.

Some pizza companies are taking health seriously and making sure their products are suitable for those who want a cleaner diet. For example, Dominos pizzas contain no MSG, artificial colours or added hydrogenated fats and make sure they offer gluten free bases. In fact, they were the first pizza company in the UK to launch a ‘Coeliac UK accredited gluten-free pizza’.

5.    It’s innovative

Pizza is one of the most innovative foods there is. As a recruiter who is lucky enough to work in the field of New Product Development (NPD), I have the pleasure of hearing how different food products are evolving.

Pizza is no different. For example, the ‘Pizza Cone’ is going to be one to watch out for in 2017.

According to Darrel Suderman, writing for Pizza Marketplace, he believes Pizza Cones were created in Bauru, Brazil, although they could have originated in Portugal or Italy. Pizza Cone franchises are beginning to explode in the US and are sold by a restaurant called K!

Each one is made at the counter and is filled with ingredients of the diner’s choice and then oven-cooked. At the moment, it is only the smaller brands that are selling pizza cones, with the larger brands yet to catch on.

And if the idea of a pizza in a cone doesn’t make you feel as gooey as the cheese its filled with, maybe Pizza Trucks might make you smile.

Mobile food, or street food as it is known is becoming increasingly popular, with pizza being one food that really does innovate from a mobile food perspective. Pizzas on the trucks are hand-baked in specialist ovens at 650 degrees.

As Darrel Suderman adds, “…what makes pizza food trucks so exciting is that they don’t have any curbs on new product or equipment innovation. Mobile food retailing has already ignited a whole new product technology for mobile pizza ovens. And mobile food venues are also becoming the leader for innovative new pizza products.”

From a lover of pizza? I can’t wait to see pizza trucks hit the streets of the UK in the future, and here’s hoping one pops up on a Saturday morning, just at hangover time.

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